Stake Races

Stake Races are our newest way to earn money through playing on our site! Battle your friends and the rest of the community to win irresistible prizes.

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$30,000 Raffle!

Stake will be giving away over $30,000 cash in March - increased from $20,000 due to the postponement of the Vietnam F1 Grand Prix.

From February 26 - March 28 (14:00 GMT), every single bet you place on Stake will matter more than ever! 

CSGO: Pro League Money Back Special!

Win the first map and lose? Earn MONEY BACK up to $50!

Stake's Multi Insurance Special! 

Place a 5+ leg multi at minimum 5x odds and just one leg loses, receive your MONEY BACK up to $50!

Safe & Sound

Our Team wants to provide support to all its players in these tumultuous times and remind you that #stayinghome and playing our Mines challenge might be the best choice until the danger is over. Collective prize pool is amazing 0.08 BTC as always! 😷

Sports Challenge - Don't Stop the Party 🏓

Prize pool of over 500$ awaits all you creative SportsBook fans this week too, but we will give you limited choice between table tennis and egaming this time. Find out what this challenge is all about by clicking the link below ⬇

VIP Challenge - Unlimited

Over $1600 big prize pool, this week too, and for all the Limbo lovers. How big of a multiplier can our VIPs catch in this game, and who will shine on the position #1? Let's find out!

Telegram Challenges

Have you joined our official Stake Telegram channel? Gary gives you a chance to earn up to $10000 (and even more during the Saturday Mega Race) on a daily basis!

Stake Community

When you become a part of the Stake community, there are many perks that await for you along the way. You can find out more about all our community giveaways by clicking below. 🌍

VIP Battles ⚔ 

The newest fun way to compete on our site has been reserved for our VIPs only. If you have an assigned host and want to help your team, make sure to check what this whopping 0.4 BTC challenge is all about!