[0.25 BTC] Unlimited | VIP Tier


  • Win the highest payout on Limbo game that you can.
  • Minimum payout to be eligible is 25x. 
  • Feel free to edit your posts if you get a higher payout during the week. 
  • Minimum bet amount:
    • bitcoin 0.00010000
    • bitcoin cash 0.00280000
    • ethereum 0.00470000
    • litecoin 0.01600000
    • ripple 3.87000000
    • tron 56.0000000
    • dogecoin 341.000000
  • Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion. 
  • You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least Bronze VIP level). 
  • 1 valid entry per household. 
  • Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread. 
  • The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made.

Additional Information

  • Prizes will be determined by the highest payout/multiplier. The highest payout/multiplier will take 1st place and so on.
  • In case of a tie, the user with a higher result will be given the advantage. 
  • In case of a tie again, the user who posted/edited their entry first will have the advantage. 
  • If you prefer to play with lower bets, you may also participate in our weekly challenge located here
  • The VIP challenges are more focused towards players who are looking to try their luck with higher bets.
  • Make sure to engage as many VIP friends as possible for the higher prize pool! 


Prize Pool Distribution

  • 1st place - 0.075 BTC
  • 2nd place - 0.035 BTC
  • 3rd place - 0.025 BTC
  • 4th place - 0.015 BTC
  • 5th place - 0.01 BTC
  • 6th to 10th place - 0.008 BTC

If less than 20 eligible entries:

  • from 11th-20th place, each will get 0.005 BTC

If over 20 eligible users:

  • from 11th place onward, eligible users will get a share in 0.05 BTC prize pool 


  • Ends: 03/30/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT
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