Stake Community

There are many ways to earn on Stake platfrom, just by being part of the community and maintaining your presence on chat and forum. Let us list just some of the potential ways to reach this goal 🤑

  • You can stay active in chat. There are daily rains from our mods and support team alongside events such as roll hunts & trivia. 
  • We have a Discord channel for free daily crypto. These giveaways are super easy to join. Check out the giveaway channels in the server HERE.
  • Our support team organizes chatty giveaways during the whole week on the Discord channel too. You can be creative, bring new users to the server, or simply chat there with the Discord community. JOIN US NOW!
  • For all of the soccer fanatics there is a Fantasy Trader challenge by our Sportsbook manager - GIVE IT A SHOT

If you haven't join our social media pages, make sure to check the icons in the footer, some of the promotions are posted there on a weekly basis 💲

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