Stake's High Multiplier Challenge
$1,000 Weekly Prize Pool

We all love a crazy multi bet, don't we? Dreams of winning big, hitting the right matches, picking the right odds! Now, we're giving you some extra incentive to place some bets with the ability to make more profit than ever.

Every week, Stake will be giving an extra $1,000 away to the biggest multi winner of the week! The highest multiplier, and not the highest payout, will be rewarded. 😎

Current Leading Multiplier (4 May - 11 May): 139.99x 😮


  • Highest Multiplier: $1,000 prize
  • Minimum Bet: $1
  • Minimum Legs: 3
  • Competition will run weekly, running Tuesdays 00:00 GMT - Monday 23:59 GMT
  • Prizes will be paid out via email, within 48 hours of competition finishing
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